This Map Shows the Most Popular Christmas Movie in Every State

When you think of Christmas movies, what comes to mind? It's a Wonderful LifeWhite ChristmasBad Santa? Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to the holiday season. But are certain movies more popular than others?

Google decided to put out a map showing the most searched for Christmas movie in every state. And let's just say the map is...a bit weird. Take a look:

most popular christmas movies every state

So first of all apparently Americans only watch four Christmas movies, except for people in Washington D.C. who for some reason adore Love Actually. But otherwise, all 50 states most searched for movie was either Polar Express, Elf, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story. And to top it off, the worst movie of those four (Polar Express) is the most popular! Let's face it, the animation has not aged well in that movie. 

I'm also guessing that Google only considered "true" Christmas movies, which would explain why Die Hard and Home Alone are not on the list. Apparently Google doesn't want to ignite a debate about whether those two are Christmas movies, but that doesn't mean people won't argue about it anyways!

Also, no It's a Wonderful Life? No A Muppet Family Christmas? No The Muppet Christmas Carol? No Muppets in general? 

For shame, America.

(h/t Thrillist)


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