6 Most Patriotic Marijuana Strains for Fourth of July

Wednesday is the Fourth of July, which is a day for Americans to eat hot dogs, watch fireworks and mistakenly think we're celebrating the end of the American Revolution. But the only thing that could make Independence Day more awesome is some patriotic cannabis.

Here are the six best and most American marijuana strains for the Fourth of July:

1. Obama Kush

Obama Kush is the perfect strain to remember the good ol’ days of America a.k.a. before Trump was elected. It’s actually a flowery strain that isn’t too powerful, making it perfect to appeal to all Americans.

2. Liberty Haze

There’s nothing more powerful than liberty, and there are few cannabis strains more potent than Liberty Haze. You’ll definitely be feeling the rocket’s red glare with this strain.

3. Spirit of ’76

The whole point of the Fourth of July is to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. So this strain is obviously appropriate, and will also give you the energy to celebrate your patriotism all day long. Although you’ll probably only be able to find this strain in Colorado.

4. Danky Doodle

You ever think Yankee Doodle was probably super high? He put a feather in his cap and called it macaroni. If Yankee Doodle was a stoner, we’re guessing he’d want to use this relaxing strain named after him.

5. American Kush

The only kush you should be smoking on the Fourth of July should be American Kush. It may have a skunky flavor, but it also has hints of lemon, lavender and coffee to balance it out. It also causes a super relaxing high.

6. Presidential OG

If you’re too jacked up at the end of the night from celebrating your patriotism too hard, Presidential OG is the perfect strain to help you catch some shut eye. That could be pretty important since the Fourth is on a Wednesday this year and you’ll probably have to go to work the next day.


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