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8 People Most Likely to Leave the Trump Administration Next

Earlier today, it came out that President Donald Trump had forced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to resign from his position. It is an understandably unusual move, considering it comes only days after the White House announced it was beginning negotiations with North Korea, which Tillerson worked hard to achieve. But it's been a pretty common story in the Trump administration of senior officials leaving the White House due to conflicts with Trump.

We all know someone else will leave the White House in the near future, but who will it be? Here are our eight most likely candidates.

8. President Donald Trump

Ok, call us optimistic, but maybe Independent Prosecutor Robert Mueller will find something in the near future that will force Republicans to finally abandon Trump and force his impeachment. Unlikely? Yes, but not impossible.

7. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin

Last fall a rumor circulated that Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis (who we'll get to in a second) and Mnuchin signed a so-called "suicide pact" that if Trump fired one of them, the other two would resign immediately in protest. Tillerson's now been fired, so we'll see if Mnuchin honors his pledge.

6. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sanders seems fine trotting out Trump's BS to the press on a daily basis, but everyone who's worked in communications for Trump has done the same and ended up leaving. We can't imagine she'll stay in Trump's good graces for long.

5. Secretary of Defense James Mattis

The biggest loser in Tillerson's firing has to be Mattis, who counted the former Secretary of State as one of his few allies in the administration. Mattis and Tillerson seem to be two of the only people who advocated against going to war with North Korea in recent months, so it's concerning if they both end up leaving at the same time.

4. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

We've written previously about the increasingly strained relationship between the president and his Attorney General. Trump thinks Sessions should've worked harder to kill the investigation into Russian collusion with the president's campaign, and Sessions seems to be tired of constantly be called out by Trump. The question is who blinks first?

3. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka's position in the White House has always been seen as controversial, seeing as president's are usually barred from appointing their family members to roles in their administrations. But with reports of her and her husband (who appears later on this list) clashing with other members of the White House, it's probably only a matter of time before she leaves to "focus on her own business" or some other BS.

2. Chief-of-Staff John Kelly

There have been several reports about a strain in the relationship between Trump and his chief-of-staff, Kelly. The president reportedly feels disrespected from Kelly constantly trying to corral his behavior, while Kelly is becoming exasperated by Trump's inconsistent behavior in office. This is probably a doomed relationship.

1. Jared Kushner

It's actually hard to understand why Kushner's even still in the White House. Trump's son-in-law had his security clearance under review for over a year before intelligence officials decided to not grant him access to top secret information due to business conflicts. Supposedly he's trying to do what he can without access to important intelligence, but it's only a matter of time before everyone realizes how ridiculous this arrangement is.


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