15 Most Interesting (and Ridiculous) Marijuana Propaganda Posters

Today, most anti-marijuana advocates just making the same old boring (and fictional) arguments about the drug. "It's a Gateway drug! It leads to more car accidents! More people are going to the Emergency Room!" But back in the day, people would make up the most ridiculous facts to justify marijuana prohibition. And if we're being honest, some of the artwork they used was actually pretty freaking cool!

Here are the 15 most interesting (and ridiculous) marijuana propaganda posters.

15. The Official Truth15 marijuana poster

14. The "Marijuana Girl"

14 marijuana poster

13. "Women Cry for it! Men Die for it!"

13 marijuana poster

12. "El Tabaco Negro del Diablo"

12 marijuana poster

11. An Alternative Take on the "Gateway Drug" Theory

11 marijuana poster

10. This one is just ridiculous

10 marijuana poster

9. "Teenage Dope Slaves"

09 marijuana poster

8. "The Devil's Weed"

08 marijuana poster

7. "A cheap and evil girl sets a hopped-up killer against a city"

07 marijuana poster

6. "Women will do anything for it!"

06 marijuana poster

5. "Murder! Insanity! Death!"

05 marijuana poster

4. "Weird Orgies, Wild Parties, Unleashed Passions"

04 marijuana poster

3. How to Cure "Conjestion" with Marijuana

03 marijuana poster

2. "Devil's Harvest"

02 marijuana poster

1. "Assassin of Youth"

01 marijuana poster


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