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Here Are the 30 Most In-Demand Skills Employers are Looking For

If you're looking for a job, you need to know which of your skills to highlight to employers. Do you tell them about your expertise in Microsoft Office, or that you can do a keg stand longer than all of your friends? There's no way to know.

Well, actually there is. LinkedIn, the popular career networking site, recently examined all of their companies and determined the 30 skills that employers are looking for in job applicants. To see if you're going to be in-demand, here are the 30 skills:

1. Creativity

2. Persuasion

3. Collaboration

4. Adaptability

5. Time management

6. Cloud computing

7. Artificial intelligence

8. Analytical reasoning

9. People management

10. UX design

11. Mobile application development

12. Video production

13. Sales leadership

14. Translation

15. Audio production

16. Natural language processing

17. Scientific computing

18. Game development

19. Social media marketing

20. Animation

21. Business analysis

22. Journalism

23. Digital marketing

24. Industrial design

25. Competitive strategies

26. Customer service systems

27. Software testing

28. Data science

29. Computer graphics

30. Corporate communications

Unfortunately rolling a joint or ripping bongs did not make the top 30. But hopefully you know at least one of the things on this list as well.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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