10 Most Hostile States Towards Marijuana Legalization

In the past, we've told you which states are least likely to legalize recreational marijuana as well as the states that are least likely to pass medical marijuana. But is it the citizens of the state who hate marijuana or is it just the politicians?

Well, we decided to go through as many polls as possible to determine which states are most against recreational marijuana. It should be noted that I couldn't find any specific data from South Dakota, Mississippi, Alabama or Wyoming, and all four of those states have particularly strong anti-marijuana laws. So it should be assumed that they would also be near the bottom of the list.

10. Indiana: 52% Support Recreational Marijuana

9. Arizona: 50% Support Recreational Marijuana

8. North Carolina: 45% Support Recreational Marijuana

7. Utah: 43% Support Recreational Marijuana

6. South Carolina: 39% Support Recreational Marijuana

5. Kentucky: 38% Support Recreational Marijuana

4. Idaho: 33% Support Recreational Marijuana

3 (tie). Oklahoma: 31% Support Recreational Marijuana

3 (tie). Kansas: 31% Support Recreational Marijuana

1. North Carolina: 24% Support Recreational Marijuana

(h/t NORML, Salon for poll data)


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