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This Map Shows the Most Hated Food of Every State

Hater is a dating app that connect single people not based on their mutual likes or interests but rather their mutual hatreds. Do you both hate the sound of velcro? Or maybe you hate your morning commute. These are just a few of the many, many possible things Hater uses to match their haters.

Previously, Hater used their data to compile a map that shows what each state hates the most. They've now used their data to create a new map. This time, they're telling us what food each state hates the most. Take a look:

map food every state hates

Some of these are entirely reasonable. Ranch on pizza in New York? Disgusting. Turkey bacon in Washington D.C.? That's not even bacon. And of course the meat-loving population of Texas cannot stand a well-done steak.

But some of these are completely bizarre. What does Wisconsin have against Lunchables? Do kids just walk around Milwaukee eating giant blocks of cheese for lunch? And what does Alabama have against Chipotle? I'm guessing there aren't a ton of great Mexican places in Alabama that are so much better than Chipotle. And what does Maine have against Asian Fusion? Do they only eat food if it's solely from one culture?

Also, California picking Chick-Fil-A has to be a political gesture, because their chicken sandwiches are impeccable. 

On the bright side, Hawaii has finally cleared up the Coke vs. Pepsi debate. 

If you're interested in meeting single people with similar hatreds as you, check out the Hater app.


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