Most Employers In The US Now Have A Medical Marijuana Policy

A new survey shows that the majority of companies in the US now have medical marijuana policies. Just six years ago, only 21% of employers said they had a medical marijuana policy or intended to make one. That number is now 67%, says Quartz.

With the increasing ease of accessing medical marijuana, many businesses feel like this is something they can't ignore. Still, 33% said they have yet to implement any sort of medical marijuana policy, a number that will likely go down as cannabis becomes available in more states over the next few years.

Companies' policies for medical marijuana usage

It's worth noting that most of the businesses with a medical marijuana policy "do not accommodate usage", so in many cases they're just making it clear that you can't use your medicine at work. While states like Maine have been doing work to improve workers' rights to use marijuana off the job, access to medicinal cannabis products at work is clearly an area that still needs some attention.


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