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According to a New Study, Here Are the 9 Most Annoying Phrases to Put in an Email

In 2018, it's basically impossible to do your job without constantly checking and communicating with people through email. But just because we all use email, doesn't mean we're all good at it.

Adobe commissioned a study of people's email behaviors. As part of the study, they asked people to identify the phrases they read in emails that most annoy them. Here were the most annoying phrases:

1. Not sure if you saw my last email...

2. Per my last email

3. Per our conversation/discussion

4. Any updates on this?

5. Sorry for the double email

6. Please advise.

7. As previously stated...

8. As discussed

9. Re-attaching for convenience

Now, you've probably used some of these phrases in your own emails and you're reading this thinking, "Oh man, have I been annoying people all the time with my messages?" And the answer's probably yes. But at least now you can put these phrases on a post-it note, put it on your computer screen, and for now one when you send an email you can make sure you're not using one of them. 

Although it will be hard to ask for updates on things if you're no longer allowed to ask for updates.

(h/t Adobe)


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