Survey Says: Most Americans Aren't Wearing Condoms

Most Americans aren’t opting to wrap it before they tap it, a new survey has found.

Superdrug, an online service that provides mail order prescriptions, surveyed 1,000 Americans and found that over 65 percent have sex without a condom.

“While we can’t really speculate back and forth, it was kind of surprising with it being 2017, we thought sex ed might be more prevalent,” Superdrug spokeswoman Krista Bowman told USA TODAY College.

“It looks to be, overall, that the majority of people are having unprotected sex.”

The survey also found that among those who claimed they would be “devastated” by an unplanned pregnancy, 19 percent still said they had sex without a condom “every single time.” Fifteen percent said they had sex without a condom “almost every time.”

Researchers also surveyed 1,000 Europeans as part of the same study and found that 55 percent are neglecting to use condoms.

Over 68 percent of all survey respondents said that they “never” asked partners to get tested for STIs prior to having sex, with women only about eight percent more likely to do so.

“People know what sex does, right?” said Missy Ronan, association director of health and wellness with Towson University’s student government in response to the findings.

“I guess it’s hard because STIs still have the connotation of being dirty, or unclean. But, really, it’s just like any other kind of testing, it’s just another test you need to have a clean bill of health.

“From these numbers, we just want people to open up and have honest conversations about sexual health.”

h/t USA Today College


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