Mormon Church Will Send Representatives to Anti-Medical Marijuana Rally in Utah

As the battle for medical marijuana legalization heats up in Utah, many wondered what role the Mormon Church, the largest religious group in the state, would play. And while they initially seemed like they would stay out of the debate, it now appears they're jumping in.

Representatives from the Mormon Church will be present at an anti-medical marijuana rally in Utah scheduled for today. The Mormon Church already said they did not support an upcoming ballot initiative in Utah that would legalize medical marijuana if passed, but it seemed that they wouldn't actively be campaigning against it. But their presence at today's rally signals that that may not be the case.

The rally is being put on by Drug Safe Utah, an organization that has tried everything from lawsuits to trying to exploiting the governor of Utah's resources in order to defeat the November ballot initiative for medical marijuana. Drug Safe Utah wouldn't say how the Mormon Church will be involved in the rally.

Many have wondered how big an influence the Mormon Church would have on the upcoming ballot initiative. 51 percent of the state's population identifies as Mormon, so you'd think having an organization that represents more than half the state's population would doom the medical marijuana initiative. However, many believe Mormon voters won't necessarily be as swayed by the church's position on this issue as they would on others. It also helps that most polls show around 75 percent of the state supports medical marijuana, so perhaps even the power of the Mormon Church won't be enough to defeat it.

(h/t Fox 13)


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