Morgan Freeman Answers Your Top Questions About Morgan Freeman

Ever wonder what Morgan Freeman - who turns 80 today - is like in real life? You're in luck because just last month, Morgan Freeman teamed up with Wired to answer the top googled questions about himself.

"He's a bit of a pain in the butt," Freeman said of himself. 

"We can vouch for that," Alan Arkin added.

"Terrible," Michael Caine chimed in.

Freeman's 'Going in Style' co-stars joined him in the Q & A session to trade barbs with each other. Most of the animosity was directed at Caine for giving longwinded answers."I'm not going to do this unless you give short answers," Freeman - who was tasked with holding up the questions -- insisted at one point. But that didn't stop him.

But despite Caine's prolix responses, Freeman got a few words in edgewise to discuss his tattoo, his beekeeping habits and his opinion of President Donald Trump. 


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