More Than Half Of Canadians Support Cannabis Legalization: Poll

Just over half of Canadians support cannabis legalization, according to a new poll.

With just months to go until the federal government is expected to unveil legislation regarding nationwide cannabis legalization, an online survey by NRG Research Group has found that 51 percent of Canadians are in favor of the measure.

Roughly 33 percent said they were opposed to legalization, while 14 percent neither supported nor opposed the move.

The poll was conducted in late February with 1,000 respondents. Its findings showed that support for legalization was highest in Manitoba at 59 percent, followed closely by British Columbia at 57 percent. Support was lowest in Quebec at 37 percent.

When it came to how legalization should roll out, 63 percent of respondents said they supported a specific sales tax and 87 percent said sales should be "limited to adults in the same manner as alcohol and tobacco."

Sixty per cent of respondents said they believe that legalization would increase youth cannabis consumption.

"It appears Canadians have an economic perspective in mind as they consider the issue of legalizing marijuana in the country," said Andrew Enns, president of NRG Research Group.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced earlier this month that cannabis legislation should be ready by summer.

h/t CBC News


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