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More States Are Prohibiting Medical Marijuana Users from Purchasing Firearms

Yesterday we noted that the Honolulu police chief is asking medical marijuana patients to turn in their firearms. But it turns out it's not just Hawaii where marijuana users are being targeted for owning guns, but many states as well.

A new outlet in Pennsylvania is reporting that both federal and state authorities are saying people who register for the state's medical marijuana industry will be prohibited from buying guns. In fact, according to federal law marijuana users are automatically denied the right to purchase a gun. The ATF amended a form filled out by gun buyers that specifically asks them whether they are marijuana users, and if they answer, "Yes," they are denied their gun.

Last year a federal court upheld the federal ban on firearms for medical marijuana patients. But it's possible that as more states, such as Pennsylvania, legalize cannabis, that restriction will become unpopular. 

"There's just too many gun owners in this state and they love hunting," attorney Andrew Sacks told Lehigh Valley Live.

When an ATF spokesperson was asked about the possibility of seizing guns from people who purchased them prior to becoming a medical marijuana user, the spokesperson said, "The ATF is not in a position to speculate on future enforcement actions. Each case is treated independently and evaluated on its own merits. Any criminal investigation or prosecution will be based upon a fair and transparent fact-intensive inquiry of individual cases."

That's a non-answer.

It seems so weird that in a country so hellbent on preventing any kind of meaningful gun legislation that authorities would be so stringent on preventing medical marijuana users from purchasing guns. It's almost like our country doesn't have its priorities straight.

(h/t Lehigh Valley Live)


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