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There Are Now More Legal Cannabis Workers in the U.S. Than Dental Hygienists

When it comes to marijuana legalization, for many people there's only one word they need to hear to approve of it: jobs. And it turns out there are a lot of them to hand out.

According to the job search website ZipRecruiter, U.S. jobs in the marijuana industry increased by an incredible 445 percent in 2017. In comparison, the number of jobs went up only 18 percent in 2016. This large increase has led Marijuana Business Daily to declare that there are now more people employed as cannabis workers than dental hygienists in America. They estimate there are approximately 230,000 people employed in the marijuana industry, compared to 201,000 dental hygienists. 

The data also suggests that the cannabis industry may be the fastest growing industry in the United States. Jobs in the healthcare industry grew by about 70 percent last year, and by 254 percent in the tech industry. Both the tech and healthcare industries are considered the fastest growing in the United States, and cannabis is blowing them out of the water!

2018 could be an even bigger year for the cannabis industry. In 2017, Nevada was the only state to implement marijuana legalization laws, while California did so on January 1st, Massachusetts will do so later this year and Delaware could as well. Undoubtedly there will be more jobs in the industry thanks to these new laws, particularly in the United States.

You have to wonder how politicians in non-legalized states can continue defending their prohibition policies.

(h/t Business Insider)


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