More Cannabis Consumers Combat Stress With Meditation And Exercise Than Marijuana

It's time to put the stereotype of the lazy stoner to rest, according to the 2018 Civilized Culture Poll. To celebrate 4/20, Civilized partnered with PSB to survey over 1,600 North American adults about modern cannabis culture.

The survey asked consumers to tell us what activities they prefer for reducing stress. A strong 51 percent of American consumers picked meditation while 46 percent also cited exercise as a go-to method for decompressing—not so lazy after all.

Meditation and exercise both topped consuming cannabis. In total, 41 percent of American respondents said they liked to get high when they feel low.

Meanwhile in Canada, 53 percent of cannabis consumers told us that talking to someone was their preferred method for coping with stress. (So much for tuning in, turning on and dropping out.)

Nearly half of those Canucks (49 percent) also said they fought off stress with meditation while 46 percent said they calmed down with marijuana, edging out exercise by a mere 2 percent. 


If you're thinking about nibbling a cannabis edible before getting frisky, you might want to think again. Marijuana edibles are great for a lot of things. They're inconspicuous, they don't leave a whiff of marijuana's tell-tale smell behind, and they can be made into just about any snack you like.

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