Montel Williams Praises German Officials Who Detained Him For Marijuana

You'd expect someone to be bitter after being detained for holding marijuana. But former talkshow host Montel Williams recently praised German customs officials for treating him with "compassion" and "respect" after he was detained for about an hour while they verified his prescription for medical marijuana.

On July 29th, Williams was detained for just under an hour in Frankfurt, Germany while on vacation. No arrests were made in what amounted to a travel delay while officials ensured that Montel could legally possess cannabis. 

"Really, the Germans were just simply asking us to prove that he had a medical condition and that's what [Montel] was using it for," Williams' spokesman Jonathan Franks told PEOPLE magazine. "And we had no problem with that. Montel feels like he was treated with dignity and respect like a seriously ill person and he's very grateful... Germany treats this issue with compassion, and [Williams is] very pleased."

According to Franks, Williams uses kief to treat multiple sclerosis, which he was diagnosed with in 1999. Since then, he has become an outspoken advocate for medical marijuana. And while Montel was complimentary toward German customs officials, he said the experience nevertheless reinvigorated his determination to fight for the rights of medical marijuana patients.

"Unfortunately this is the reality faced by medical marijuana patients every day all over the world," Franks said in a Facebook statement on July 29. "Today, Montel reaffirms his commitment to fighting for sensible medical marijuana policies across the world and to fighting the stigma he and so many other seriously ill Americans face every day for simply following the advice of their doctor -- in Montel's case a world class Multiple Sclerosis specialist."

And that's a good thing because Williams is one of the most passionate supporters of medicinal cannabis. Check out this clip of him vowing to use marijuana until the day he dies.

h/t CTV News

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