This is What Happens When Two Monkeys are Unfairly Rewarded for the Same Task

We certainly don’t need anymore proof that apes are just creepy little humans.

There was that time Nemo the 14-year-old orangutan fashioned himself a hammock that fit just right. And that time Azelea the 19-year-old chimpanzee looked eerily like a hardened mob boss while chain-smoking an entire pack of cigarettes.  

But if for some reason those haven’t convinced you, check out this video of a capuchin monkey freaking out after being paid in gross cucumber chunks for the same job that earned his buddy delicious grapes.  

It would seem there’s a little equal rights activist in all of us.


There are two things in my life I love most: cannabis and my fellow queers. Yet, the two hardly seem to intersect whenever I read articles about weed. Instead, I read mostly about CBD or legalization.

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