For a moment, the crime scene in a small Wisconsin town looked like 'Planet of the Apes' meets 'Narcos' as three monkeys were taken into custody after a raid on an illegal marijuana grow-op. But authorities say the monkeys seized in the bust weren't involved in drug trafficking.

Michael Haney, a 37-year-old man, was arrested on March 1 for illegally manufacturing cannabis in Comstock, Wisconsin - where medical as well as recreational marijuana use remain strictly prohibited. When the Barron County Sheriff’s Department raided a barn owned by Haney, they found a “very sophisticated growing operation” and several hundred marijuana plants along with Haney’s three monkeys. While Haney’s grow-op was an illicit operation, the monkeys seem to have been acquired through legitimate means.

Haney claims he owned the monkeys because he was interested in starting a zoo.

The entire contents of the barn has been seized by the sheriff’s department, including the monkeys. County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says the monkeys are “being cared for by a friend.”

h/t Barron News-Shield