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Moms Put Down Bubbly, Pick Up Bud In Hilarious New Web Series

Why isn't there such a thing as a weed-and-cheese party? Why are there so many book clubs and so few strain tastings? And why can't a mom enjoy a joint without judgment? 

These are just a few of the questions raised by a group of marijuana-loving matriarchs in the new web series, Cannabis Moms Club. The show launched in late August on Elizabeth Banks’ comedy platform, WhoHaha, and is already generating buzz for its unconventional marriage of mom and marijuana humour.  

After discovering their shared predilection for pot when one mom accidentally reveals her cannabis vape pen at a jewelry party, the women begin enhancing their formerly humdrum hangouts with herb. Hilarity inevitably ensues as the women consume cannabis over nail parties, baking, painting and dancing in this laugh-out-loud conversation-changer.

Show creators Kai Collins and Deena Adar told Mashable that they came up with the idea for the series while perusing an online mommy blog. An image popped up of a mom holding a wine glass with the caption “It’s just been one of those days - are you with me mommas?" The post was flooded with other other moms expressing their support, encouraging the woman to "get her drink on." 

Adar and Collins took to musing over what might happen if that bubbly was replaced with bud, and just like that, the Cannabis Moms Club was born.

"I was like wow, I wonder what would happen if we had a joint in our hand and did the same thing," said Adar. "Would the support from the moms be the same? We kind of wanted to explore these double standards using marijuana as the truth bearer."

"Our series was really designed to create an authentic dialogue between moms and friends about how they actually feel about their kids, spouses and careers," Collins added.

Cannabis Moms Club, which was created by production company Quiet Duke, is WhoHaha’s first exclusive distribution deal. will host the show in its player, while WhoHaha promotes it on the site and across social media. 

The show has earned widespread praise, from Twitter users who applaud its ability to both entertain and elevate the cannabis conversation among previously unexplored demographics. Culture Magazine called the series “progressive” and “legitimately laugh-out-loud funny."

Check out the first episode below. Or if we can't convince you, take Twitter user Rose Peterson's word for it: 

Private Video - Dailymotion

H/T Mashable.


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