MLB Reprimands Team Who Let Wiz Khalifa Throw First Pitch While Wearing Pro-Marijuana Shirt

Professional sports leagues are not fans of marijuana. They often punish players for using cannabis the same amount as those who use cocaine or other hard drugs. But it turns out they will punish teams not just for what their players do with marijuana, but what their fans do as well.

The Pittsburgh Pirates invited rapper Wiz Khalifa to throw the first pitch at their game on Wednesday. Anyone who knows Khalifa knows he's a pretty big fan of marijuana, and he wasn't afraid to hide it at the game. He showed up for the first pitch wearing a shirt that said, "Legalize it," in green letters. Yahoo clarified what the "it" is by writing, "To clear up any confusion about what 'it' could be, Khalifa mimed smoking what the kids call a marijuana cigarette before throwing out the first pitch." (No one calls it a "marijuana cigarette.")

Major League Baseball was not pleased with Khalifa's shirt. They released a statement saying, “Marijuana is probated substance in all of our drug programs. It’s unfortunate this situation occurred. The Pirates have informed us that this should not have happened." They most likely meant "prohibited" because probated means established in a will. 

Bill Baer at NBC Sports pointed out the hypocrisy for the MLB to condemn marijuana while embracing alcohol. Three MLB teams play in stadiums named after beer brands. Why is bringing children to a stadium called "Coors Field," exposing them to who knows how many beer ads and having vendors walk through every aisle selling alcohol seen as perfectly acceptable but someone wearing a shirt promoting marijuana legalization seen as a despicable act?

And don't get us started on the MLB ignoring the league's rampant steroid abuse until it was publicly exposed. 


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