Mitt Romney Caught on Video Taunting NBA Player

In 2012, Mitt Romney looked like he could possibly become president of the United States of America. But after losing the election and not running in 2016, it appears the only time Romney can make headlines now is when he heckles NBA players.

Romney apparently attended a playoff basketball game between the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Romney has many ties to the state of Utah, having run the 2002 Winter Olympics Committee in Salt Lake City as well as his ties through the Mormon Church. He's also running for Senate in the state this year. During the game, Thunder star Russell Westbrook picked up his fourth foul in the second quarter, which prompted tons of cheers from Jazz fans. The cameras also caught the former presidential candidate taunting Westbrook as well. Watch it above.

Romney and the Jazz fans must be happy, because they ended up winning the game and are up 3 to 1 in the best-of-seven series.

You know, I never really imagined a world where I'd be writing about Mitt Romney heckling a basketball, but here we are.


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