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Mitt Romney Says He Supports Medical Marijuana, But Won't Support Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative

Former 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is infamous for flip-flopping on a number of issues over the course of his political career. But his stance on medical marijuana may be his most confusing yet.

Romney is currently running for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Utah. Yesterday Romney faced off against his opponent for the nomination, Mike Kennedy, in a debate. During the debate, the candidates were asked about their opinions of medical marijuana and the state's ballot initiative on the issue. Romney said that while he does support medical marijuana, he does not support the Utah ballot initiative because it would allow stores to sell edibles and candy to customers, and he believes cannabis should only be sold at pharmacies with a prescription from a doctor.

Here's the full clip of Romney's debate comments, as well as his opponent's answer to the question:

First of all, it seems Romney doesn't really understand medical marijuana. Many doctors, even in legal states, can't prescribe cannabis because it's illegal at the federal level. Instead, they can recommend their patients get placed into their state's medical marijuana programs. Also, pharmacies don't give out marijuana in legal states. Pharmacists aren't educated in marijuana and know the ins-and-outs of taking it, so there's no point in having a pharmacy give out cannabis.

And it also seems like Romney thinks people should only smoke marijuana. He seems to think brownies and other edibles are bad, but seems to think that pharmacists telling people to smoke joints is totally cool.

It basically seems like Romney wants to play both sides of the fence on the issue. He wants to support medical marijuana because he knows support for the issue is popular and research says it's beneficial, but he also wants to appeal to conservative voters who have negative views on the issue.

Way to take a stand, Mitt!

(h/t YouTube)


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