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'Mistletoke' Lets You Smooch Under What You Smoke - and for a Good Cause

This winter, mistletoe and cannabis have combined to make a fun (and interactive) holiday decoration called 'Mistletoke' — limited edition floral arrangements from the California-based cannabis company Zoma. As the name suggests, these goodies are comprised of fresh mistletoe that has been tied together with a variety of large cannabis buds.

“We used different strains,” Zoma founder Spencer Peterson told Civilized. “It kind of gives it a nice variety. Some are purple. Some are orange. Some have a more stalky structure.”

But if you want to kiss under their cannabis decor this Christmas, you'll have to act fast. There’s only one way you can get a Mistletoke — and it isn’t by writing letters to Santa. Zoma is releasing just a limited run of fifty of the arrangements as part of a holiday partnership it’s doing with the non-profit group One Tree Planted, which aids in reforestation efforts throughout the world by allowing donors to donate one tree for each dollar they contribute. Currently, One Tree Planted is accepting donations to plant trees throughout California, which was so badly ravaged by fires last November.

In order to get a Mistletoke, you must be 21 or older and live local to Los Angeles. You  can submit an entry to Zoma by emailing The first 50 people who enter will get a Mistletoke delivered to them in exchange for making a donation to One Tree Planted. In addition to raising awareness for One Tree Planted, Zoma is also matching the donations to the conservation group.

“We’re excited to be working with them, as well as getting these Mistletokes into nice homes,” Peterson explained. “It all kind of happened together. I definitely wanted to do something charitable, and with the holidays coming up we had a few different ideas. We wanted to do something special, to kind of stand out, and I didn’t really like the idea of something that would be just for sale. We wanted to do something a little more special.”

The design for the Mistetokes was created by a florist who normally works with more traditional flowers. Each arrangement comes tied in a festive red bow and set inside a corsage box. It’s up to the consumer, says Peterson, to decide whether they want to wait until the holidays are over to dig into the Mistetoke’s buds, or slowly chip away over the course of the month's festivities.  

“Personally, I would do little by little,” said Peterson.

The arrangements are designed in a way that ripping off a little bowl to go with your milk and Christmas cookies won’t diminish the splendor of the Mistletoke as a decoration. In fact, if your plan is to smoke all of the cannabis before you parents fly in, the mistletoe looks great completely on its own.

And while hanging cannabis alongside another plant might seem risky, Zoma assures potential buyers that smoking it is completely safe. Although eating mistletoe is toxic, California Poison Control told Civilized that they do "not expect smoking something that had touched American mistletoe to be toxic.”


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