Missouri Police Used an Expensive Plane to Arrest a Man for Possessing Two Pot Plants

Many people criticize laws keeping marijuana illegal as a waste of money and resources for law enforcement. But the Missouri State Police decided to take wasting money on marijuana busts to a whole new level.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol used one of their airplanes in July to bust a man for possessing two marijuana plants. That's right, not two kilos or two pounds. Just two marijuana plants. The pilot then called it in to his superiors who sent two other troopers to the residence to investigate.

To waste even more resources, when the troopers arrived at the home, no one was there. So one of the troopers stayed at the house for over two hours until someone came home. Again, all of this for just two marijuana plants.

The man who eventually arrived home admitted the plants were his and willingly went with the police. He was booked and then released.

The man who owned the plants committed suicide about a month after the incident, although it's not clear if the arrest contributed to it. But the police apparently didn't realize the man had passed away, and in September filed felony charges against the man. Again, for two marijuana plants.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says it costs around $75 to $80 per hour to operate the planes. But when you added in the over two hours one of the troopers spent at the house waiting for the suspect, it's basically a bunch of money and time thrown out the window for this whole operation.

But hey, at least the community is safe from those two pot plants!

(h/t Springfield News-Leader)


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