Missouri Kills Medical Marijuana Bill That Many Thought Would Pass

The Missouri state legislature recently took up a proposal to legalize medical marijuana that many were optimistic would pass. However, those hopes will not be realized.

The Missouri Legislative Oversight Committee voted to kill a medical marijuana bill that would've allowed cannabis for people suffering from terminal illnesses. It's the second time in as many years that Missouri shot down a proposal for medical marijuana. Representative Jim Neely, a Republican who proposed both bills, says there's a chance the committee will take the bill up again, but other experts say it's not likely.

However, Neely remains committed and says he will propose a third medical marijuana bill in the future.

While some experts were optimistic about this bill's chances to pass, others were not. A spokesperson for New Approach Missouri, an organization that advocates for marijuana legalization in the state, said they believe the legislative process is a "gigantic waste of time," and that the only way Missouri will legalize medical cannabis will be through voters.

New Approach Missouri is currently collecting signatures to get a ballot initiative this November to legalize medical marijuana. Perhaps Neely should throw his weight behind that instead of trying to convince his stubborn colleagues.

(h/t Columbia Missourian)


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