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Missouri Cops Claim to Seize $100,000 in Marijuana, But It Turns Out to Be Worthless Hemp

The Jasper Police Department in Missouri thought they made a huge bust. The department seized 290 plants that they claimed were marijuana. That could produce up to nearly 29,000 grams of marijuana, which would be worth around $100,000. The Jasper Police Department was so proud of their accomplishments, they posted about it on Facebook for all their fans to know how successful they were. Immediately, commenters pointed out one problem with Jasper's drug bust. The plants they seized weren't marijuana. They were hemp.

Technically, hemp is also illegal in Missouri, so the cops did legally seize the plants. But it's definitely a far more pointless endeavor. While hemp and marijuana are extremely similar and come from the same family of plants, they are still different in key areas. Marijuana has the chemical compound THC, which is what makes people high when they smoke it. Hemp does not have THC or a similar type of chemical, so it does not produce a high.

The Jasper Police said they intercepted a shipment of meth a few weeks ago. But the alleged dealer who was supposed to get the shipment was not arrested. They later received a tip that the alleged dealer was growing marijuana on his property. So they assembled a joint task force that included the Jasper County Sheriff's office, the Barton County Sheriff's Office, the Lamar Police Department and even the Missouri National Guard for the operation. 

All for some hemp.

290 plants of hemp are worth nowhere near as much as marijuana, so the Jasper Police Department's Facebook post patting themselves on the back for the drug bust look completely ridiculous. They've since deleted the post, but the screenshots live on.

jasper police facebook 2

And here's a picture they included of the "marijuana":

jasper police department 2

But hey, at least they can sleep well tonight knowing they got all that harmless hemp off the streets!


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