Mississippi Police Chief Resigns After Smoking Marijuana on Video

Last week, we told you about a Mississippi police chief who was caught on camera smoking marijuana. Well there's an update to that story, and it's not good for the chief.

Lumberton, Mississippi police chief Shane Flynt officially resigned from his position yesterday after the city's board of aldermen voted to accept it. Lumberton Mayor Quincy Rogers wanted Flynt fired after a video surfaced of the chief smoking what appeared to be marijuana and saying, “I’m the only chief of police in Lumberton that likes to smoke weed.” But the aldermen decided to allow him to simply resign.

It's still not entirely clear when Lumberton officials found out about Flynt's marijuana video. The police chief had actually been suspended in mid-February for an undisclosed reason, and the video of him smoking cannabis came out only days after returning from his punishment.

In a statement on Facebook, Flynt said he'd made a "huge mistake." And if you're wondering who filmed him toking up, it was none other than his own wife.

You know what they say about keeping your enemies close.

(h/t Cannabist)


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