Mississippi Police Chief Caught on Video Smoking Weed

We often hear about how law enforcement officials have less strict views on marijuana than the law dictates. But one police chief in Mississippi is taking that a step farther.

A video recently leaked showing Lumberton, Mississippi Police Chief Shane Flynt allegedly smoking marijuana. Of course, we say allegedly because we don't know exactly what he was smoking, but Flynt's statements in the video don't help his case. At one point in the video, he says, "I’m the only Chief of Police in Lumberton that likes to smoke weed."

Flynt was voted in by the Lumberton aldermen council back in September. Ironically enough, Flynt was actually suspended in the middle of February and submitted his resignation for an unknown reason, although it's possibly related to this leak. The aldermen decided not to accept his resignation. He had only recently come back to work when the new video leaked, and he has been suspended again.

The Lumberton mayor says action needs to take place. Flynt's job status will be determined at the next meeting of aldermen on March 6th.

We're sure Flynt was a super progressive police chief who ignored marijuana crimes and only focused on serious offenses while in office.

(h/t WDAM)


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