MISSIO Dish on Their Debut Album and the State of America

MISSIO is an electronic band duo formed in 2014 by Matthew Brue and David Butler after fed up coming out of another project, Brue just wanted to write, which turned into early MISSIO songs. Brue had also worked with Butler on previous projects before, so they reconnected to collaborate on a five-song EP, which was the start of MISSIO. Since they’ve started their sound has changed, “We've evolved since we first starting writing together... the early stuff had a lot of cinematic qualities, almost like a movie score, but slightly more chill. As we started writing together, every song would uncover more of what would become MISSIO's sound.”

Now, MISSIO has even new sound with their debut album “Loner”, featuring the songs “Middle Fingers”, “Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea”, and “KDV”. This album seems very dark, but it’s the duo’s honest look at life and its struggles, “I think the reason why I went to drugs and alcohol in the first place was because I was so afraid to share my struggles, and so music became my way of writing in a diary.” Even though Brue has a history with drugs and does not smoke marijuana himself, he does support its legalization, “I wish weed was legalized over alcohol… I think there’s so many health benefits and things from marijuana, I personally wish it was legalized, I don’t partake in it, but I wish it was.”   


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