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Minnesota Democrats Nominate Pro-Marijuana Governor Candidate

As November approaches, marijuana advocates are looking at states where voters can make major decisions that affect the future of cannabis legalization. And now Minnesota is on that list.

Yesterday Minnesota held its primary elections, and Democratic voters chose to nominate congressman Tim Walz for the governor's election in November. This is good news for marijuana fans, as Walz has previously stated his support for marijuana legalization and says he'd like to create a market for legal sales if elected governor.

Walz's opponent in the November race will be Jeff Johnson, who was considered an underdog to former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. However Pawlenty has been a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump, and ended up losing by nearly 10 points in the Republican primary to Johnson. Johnson does not support legalizing marijuana.

If the primary votes are any indication of who will win the November election, then Democrats are looking good. Walz won the Democratic primary with over 242,000 votes, while Johnson won the Republican one with only 168,000. In fact, the second place finisher in the Democratic primary received 186,000 votes, which indicates Democrats are much more motivated to go to the polls. That's good news for Walz.

However, even if Walz does win the November election, it's unlikely Minnesota will legalize recreational marijuana in the near future. Republicans will still most likely control the state legislature, and there seems to be little support for legalization among the state's GOP.

But still, having a pro-marijuana Democrat in office is definitely better than an anti-cannabis Trump lover.

(h/t MPR)


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