Making Music (and Cannabis) with Vacationer

Ken Vasoli sings and plays bass for his band of eight years, Vacationer, which originated from his boredom of rock bands. Vasoli played in rock bands for years, which he eventually grew tired of after exhausting his voice, so he formed Vacationer. Together, they started making electronic hybrid music in Brooklyn, which eventually became their first few albums. For his latest album "Mindset", Vasoli was more involved in the production process, which he made while consuming cannabis. "Mindset" eventually connected him with people from Cherry Kola Farms, where he customized his own strain. Cherry Kola Farms is a boutique growing facility out of Sonoma County California where they grow the strain Cherry Kola. Together with Mindset and Vasoli, Cherry Kola Farms is introducing a new creative high that's perfect for listening to music and writing music.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic superstar obsessively derided by Republicans, appeared on the 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' on Thursday to talk about the proposed "Green New Deal," a much-publicized resolution to address climate change and economic instability in the country. The Green New Deal has gotten a great deal of press lately, especially on right-leaning news organizations such as Fox News who claim it will ban everything from air travel to ice cream to cow farts. President Trump had publicly stated his opposition to the resolutions, citing these reasons.

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