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Samantha Stoner From Mindful Paws Takes Us Inside the Complex Industry of Marijuana for Dogs

Mindful Paws is a company that makes CBD-infused dog treats for people to buy for their furry friends. Samantha Stoner is the owner of Mindful Paws, and we talked to her about how she got into the industry and why Mindful Paws is different than other companies in the industry.

What makes your company different from others in the cannabis space?

Well first off we help dogs! While most companies in the cannabis space’s main focus is providing natural clean medicine to humans; ours is the same for man’s best friend! Aside from delivering the powers of CBD to canines, we make it our priority to not only provide natural medicine but in the healthiest way possible and all in a eco-friendly package. Our treats don’t just include hemp derived CBD but all organic and plant-based ingredients, adding even more benefits to them! We hope that not only our actual product but our message as a company can stand out and get spread to as many people and their beloved dogs as possible! We are a family filled with dogs, so we understand how much yours means to you and your family, and that’s why we do what we do.  

How did you get into the cannabis space?

I knew how much cannabis has helped me with my own health, and when my puppy Tucker started suffering from epilepsy and having seizures more and more I knew I needed to do something! I personally do not take prescription drugs for many reasons and refused to put my helpless pup on something “lab created” without trying a natural approach first. I then started researching and recipe testing. Once I new I had something that not only worked for my own dog but was also so healthy I would happily eat myself I knew I had to share. I was blessed with making connections with people in the industry and with their help I have been able to help dogs all over the country! I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Walk us through a normal day.

Since every day brings a new adventure when you work in the cannabis space; I always make sure to snuggle both of my pups in the morning while catching up on daily news and any law changes and articles about the cannabis space. After getting myself and the dogs ready for the day I start answering Emails and organizing orders. I then get to start packaging up orders! Packaging is always fun because we have an option when you order on our website to talk about your dog! We get to read about the customers dogs and why they are purchasing and what they love about our treats! The best is getting news that we have helped their dog and their purchasing again! Once I finish packaging and shipping from the post office I get to baking! The pups and I always jam to music while I bake. The rest of the day I have left is spent catching up on our social media pages and family time of course.

What has been your biggest lesson about working in cannabis, and in business in general?

Definitely that expectations are often a non-reality. I want nothing more than to cure and help all animals in the world but the reality is; it’s just as important to start than to accomplish. We as a company get to help dogs all over the country be happier, healthier and more comfortable. To us that is definitely a pretty good start. Everything takes time and work and that’s half of the adventure. If you truly want to accomplish something and make it a reality you have to drop the expectations and get to work! Which is a lot easier said than done when you have put so much energy, time, and money into something you feel so passionately about.

What are the biggest challenges that are specific to the pet segment of the cannabis space?

Not being able to hear what the pups think of the treats themselves! Seriously, we love every word of feedback we get from the humans that purchase our product but we’d love nothing more than to hear straight from the patients; the dogs! All jokes aside we have such a rewarding job. Although the cannabis space is mostly focused on human patients so we don’t get as much attention, we still get the gratitude of helping and healing. Can’t complain when you get to help adorable dogs all of the time! Not to mention the endless cute dog pictures we receive.

What do you see as your biggest opportunity?

Definitely to be able to show pet owners they don't have to have their pets on these expensive and often scary pharmaceuticals. Were in an era of caring so much about what goes into our bodies and it being organic and what not. The people that are pet owners and love their four legged babes as much as I do know that if there was a safe, natural and healthy alternative to a man made drug they’d take the clean and healthy option every time. We would love to make CBD the main focus in the health industry; of course to not only help animals but humans as well! The more dogs we help the more the word of CBD spreads and the more humans realize they don’t need the” Big Pharma” drugs either! Pretty much saving the world one dog at a time.

What sets you apart to make you a potential leader in cannabis?

I would never consider myself a leader. To me the cannabis space is a community. I think a lot of business owners and activists in the space can let things get away away from them; forgetting the said community and forgetting the whole reason of why they started what they did in the first place. Women and men in the community could make so many good things happen if we all keep working together.

What is the most frustrating aspect of the cannabis industry today?

The lack of knowledge in the public and the people in “power”. Being a business owner of a cannabis company has definitely tested my patience with close minded people, but then I have to remember I had the same thought process as them once too. You cant fight ignorance with more ignorance. I do think the best response to disapproval is with facts and kindness. I believe once people start truly listening to each other we can change the overall view of cannabis and what it can do for us. The laws can keep changing but I know the cannabis community wont stop fighting.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into the cannabis space?

Don’t lose sight of why you wanted to start in the first place. It’s so easy to get caught up in fast paced shuffle of business, especially a business such as a cannabis driven one. Yes there is money to be made in the industry but there is so much more important things that can be done with the “power” you gain as a business owner. You have a platform that people are paying attention to and you can use that to spread love, wisdom and whatever message you want the world to understand.

What are your biggest tips for branding cannabis?

One of our focuses was to create a brand and packaging that made people feel comfortable and assured that it was a safe and clean product. We took the approach of branding our business with the mindset of what would catch our own eyes and attention. We wanted to create something that not only stands out from the crowd of loud plastic packaging but gets our message out that we are a simple, clean, and healthy product. Really just create what you love with your business message in mind and people will love it too.

Do you see any big changes coming in the future of cannabis?

Hopefully! Every day there’s more information being spread and more legislation changing and being put into action. The most we can do is our part in voting and showing up for each other and the progressive politicians trying to make things happen.

Do you consume cannabis? And if so, what's your favorite way to consume?

Yes I do! I was on 7 different prescription drugs for countless health concerns and issues. Once I started regularly consuming cannabis and changed my lifestyle to a plant-based one I was able to cut out all pharmaceuticals all together! I love taking capsules for daily intake because of the ease and cleanliness!


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