Here's How Many Millionaires Live in Each U.S. State

In America, there are definitely states that can be defined as "rich states" and others that are "poor states," but a new statistic will show just how rich some states are.

HowMuch.Net took a look at all 50 states and determined how many millionaires live in each state. They also determined what percentage of each state's households could be defined as being millionaires as well. Here's what they found:

states with most millionaires3

Unsurprisingly, the states with the largest populations (California, Texas, New York, etc.) also had the most millionaires. And the some of the smallest states (Wyoming, Vermont, South Dakota) had the lowest number of millionaires.

So it's more interesting to look at the percentage of millionaire households in each state. When you look at that statistic, Maryland had the highest percentage of millionaire households followed by New Jersey and Connecticut. Presumably a lot of the Maryland millionaires are people who work in Washington D.C., and many of the New Jersey and Connecticut millionaires work in New York City. 

And not all small states lacked millionaires. Alaska, one of the smaller population states, came in fifth in terms of percentage of millionaire households. So even though California may have more millionaires, statistically you're more likely to become a millionaire if you move to Alaska.

Also it looks like Nebraska finished with the lowest percentage of millionaires, so it's just more proof that you never need to visit that state.

(h/t HowMuch)


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