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Millennials Are Flocking to the Marijuana Industry for Jobs

It can be hard for millennials to find jobs in the current economy. Young adults are often forced to accept low-wage salaries and internships in order to get a foot in the door. But turns out there's one industry where young people are able to jump in immediately: marijuana.

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently ran a story about college graduates finding work easily in the medical marijuana industry. Universities that offer degrees in agriculture often teach students about hydroponics, a system of growing plants without using soil that is commonly used by marijuana cultivators. While the colleges and universities don't specifically teach students about how to grow cannabis, they're aware that many of them are interested in getting into the industry and teach them many of the proper techniques necessary in the field. As a dean at one university said, "If you can grow a tomato, you can cannabis."

The industry is also hiring all the time. Students often find jobs right after graduation because of the expansion of the industry. States are handing out more and more licenses to cultivators every day, and more and more people are getting licenses to use marijuana, meaning supply and demand for cannabis is increasing daily. Dispensaries and cultivators often hold job fairs in local areas to attract qualified applicants. And the job fairs are often packed with people looking for work in the industry. And it's not just people with agriculture skills that they're looking for. One CEO of a cultivation lab said, "“It’s across the board, from people that are familiar with lab equipment, lab processing, agricultural workers, to accountants, financial officers.”

Another point the Inquirer makes is that the industry is incredibly diverse and there isn't a roadblock for minorities to find employment. Since there are so many openings and so comparatively few qualified candidates, anyone who wants to get into the industry can do so.

So if they make a remake of The Graduate in the next few years, instead of the man telling Dustin Hoffman's character to get into plastics, he'll simply tell him, "Weed!"


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