Millennials Are Picking Baby Names Based on Available Website URLs

Weird baby names are the latest rage in America, with people choosing to name their child after things such as Game of Thrones characters or resurrecting old-fashioned names like Ebenezer. But apparently when choosing baby names, millennials have a much more practical justification.

A new study found that one in five new parents (so around 20 percent) choose the name of their baby based off whether or not there is an available website domain name associated with it. For instance, if isn't available, they're less likely to name their child John. 

The justification is supposedly for the child's future. 48 percent of the parents who said domain availability was important said it was to help their future child's job searches, 47 percent said it could help in the college application process. But considering the average child of a millennial has 107 photos online before they can even walk, we think there may be a more personal reason for wanting that unique domain. After all, didn't the Kardashians pay a huge amount of money for one of their baby's Instagram handle?

Fortunately for me, I don't think there are many people named Misulonas snatching up all the URLs for my possible future children.

(h/t Washington Examiner)


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