Millennials Are Causing Divorce Rates to Plummet

Millennials are accused of ruining any number of things, but one thing they can't be accused of destroying is the institution of marriage.

A new study found that millennials are heavily contributing to the decrease in divorces in the United States. The divorce rate has dropped 18 percent from 2008 to 2016, The biggest factor contributing to this decline is younger people are not getting divorces, as they continue to stay in marriages. Meanwhile just about every other demographic has either leveled out or their rate of divorce has increased over that same time span. 

Now you might say, "But aren't fewer people getting married nowadays? So of course there would be fewer divorces!" But actually the divorce rate takes into account that there are fewer marriages. So yes, fewer people are getting married, but the percentage of married people who are getting divorced is also going down.

However fewer marriages could explain why the divorce rate is going down, particularly among younger people. The focus and emphasis for getting married at a young age and starting a family isn't as strong as it once was. And many young people are choosing to focus on their careers or getting into a more financially stable place before deciding to tie the knot. Whereas older generations rushed into marriage right away, and probably realized they should've waited and ended up ruining their marriages as we a result.

Or maybe millennials are too worried about paying expensive rents so they stay married to lower their personal costs of living. Whatever works.

(h/t Bloombergquint)


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