This Chart Shows How Much Less Millennials Make Than Gen X or Baby Boomers

Everyone knows that the job market isn't great right now for millennials. But you'll still be surprised to see just how bad it is compared to other generations. conducted research to see just how much less millennials are getting paid than Generation X'ers and Baby Boomers in every state. They checked the census data in each state, and then put it all together in one map. Take a look:

millennial pay vs gen x and baby boomers income

Now obviously, millennials are younger than other generations and many of them are still pretty fresh from graduating from college. Many of them are taking entry level jobs in their companies and don't have the experience necessary to climb the corporate ladder. So it's not necessarily surprising that they're making less money than older generations, but it's probably a little surprising to see just how much less money they're making.

Also it doesn't really seem like there's any state where millennials are at an advantage. They're still going to get paid less whether they're in California or Idaho.

(h/t HowMuch)


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