Miley Cyrus Reveals Why She Quit Smoking Weed

For a few years, pop singer Miley Cyrus was one of the most outspoken cannabis consumers in America. From openly puffing a joint at the Video Music Awards in 2015, to eating brownies in a pot sketch with Snoop Dogg, to idolizing Bob Marley as a Rasta Mother Teresa, Cyrus made marijuana consumption part of her public image.

That's why it was surprising earlier this year when she announced that she was hanging up her bong and embracing sobriety. Yesterday, Cyrus told Jimmy Fallon that she made that difficult decision so that she could focus on her new, as-yet untitled album, which will be released later this year.

"I stopped smoking sit here and talk about what I'm doing, I wanted to be very clear because I'm actually more passionate about what I'm doing with this record than I've ever been," she said on The Tonight Show. "I loved making this record so, so much. This the most important album that I've ever made, so I wanted to make sure that I'm super clear about the way I'm talking."

So she's putting work before weed, which is respectable, of course. And maybe a dry spell will help her balance her career with responsible cannabis use. But the Fallon interview also revealed that Miley still has some growing up to do.

"I've always been very stoned on your shows," Cyrus told Fallon. "Remember last time I was here? I was dressed as a bunny rabbit, then a cat? There's a reason for that. I was high."

That may be the case, but Cyrus can't blame cannabis for her weird costume choices over the years. After all, she was stone sober when she decided to dress up as a panda and dance around the studio during last night's episode. So if Miley's serious about wanting to be taken seriously, it might be time to cut the animal costumes out of her act. 


After a battery of tests and misdiagnoses, I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease twelve years ago, and thus began a long battle with trial-and-error medical treatments. I changed my diet several times, even though my doctors didn’t seem confident it would change much (it didn’t), went to physical therapy for pain-related issues, and took so many different pharmaceuticals I can’t even begin to recall each and every one. My days were foggy due to side effects from pharmaceuticals, such as steroids, that made me feel worse than I did before I even took them.

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