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Mike Tyson Says He Smoked Weed Before a Fight Once and Still Won

Mike Tyson is no stranger to marijuana. The former heavyweight boxer admits to using marijuana most of his life and has even started his own cannabis farm. But now Tyson says he even used to box after smoking weed.

In an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Tyson discussed his love of marijuana and his cannabis business. During the interview, Tyson said he only used marijuana one time before a match. Tyson said he smoked weed before his 2000 matchup with Andrew Golota, a fight that was billed as the "Showdown in Motown." Tyson absolutely pummeled Golota in the first two rounds, and Golota ended up quitting the fight before the third. 

"It didn't affect me," Tyson said about using marijuana before the fight. "It affected Golota."

It's actually not too surprising to know Tyson used marijuana before the Golota fight. He refused to take a drug test before the boxing match, and then he ended up failing the urine test he took after the fight because it tested positive for, you guessed it, cannabis. So his technical knockout victory was changed to a no-contest, so the win is no longer on his record. Tyson said he only failed the drug test because he couldn't find his "whizzer," a fake penis filled with clean urine used by men to cheat drug tests.

Tyson would win only two of his next five fights after the Golota match and retired in 2005. 

You know somewhere, some crazy sports fan has Tyson's whizzer on display in his living room.

(h/t TMZ)


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