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Mike Tyson Just Broke Ground On A Marijuana Resort Called Tyson Ranch

Retired boxer Mike Tyson just became a heavyweight in the marijuana industry. The former champ recently broke ground on a marijuana resort called Tyson Ranch.

The 40-acre ranch is located in California City, California, which is roughly 60 miles from Death Valley National Park. The site will set aside 20 acres for cultivation facilities that will "allow master growers to have maximum control of their environment," according to Tyson's partner Robert Hickman, who recently discussed the venture with The Blast.

The facilities will also develop the next generation of cultivators through the Tyson Cultivation School by teaching them the secrets of Tyson's trademarked brand — 'Iron Mike Genetics.'

Tyson Ranch will also feature an extraction facility and edible manufacturer alongside luxury cabins and "glamping" (i.e. glamor camping) campgrounds and an amphitheater to entertain guests.

The resort will be run by Tyson Holistic, a company comprised mainly of veterans, according to The Blast, which says Tyson, Hickman and fellow partner Jay Strommen are committed to creating jobs for people who have served in the armed forces. 

The venture could help Tyson and co. undo some of the damage that contact sports like boxing and service in the military can do to the brain, including traumatic brain injuries as well as PTSD.

h/t The Blast


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