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Mike Tyson Announces Cannabis-Friendly Music Festival

Iron Mike is bringing a slew of musical guests to the future site of his cannabis-tinged Tyson Ranch Resort.

On February 23 heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson's upcoming cannabis resort Tyson Ranch will host the Kind Music Festival—"the first-ever all-ages music festival that embraces California’s updated cannabis regulations."

Those new regulations let people consume cannabis at event venues that have local support. However, cannabis still can't be sold at events, so one can probably expect the festival to be a bring-your-own-weed kind of deal. Still, the online announcement points out that it is to be an "all ages" event, and that "illegal drugs or paraphernalia" are not admissible. So, the festival regulations remain somewhat unclear.

Tyson first announced his Tyson Ranch Resort back in January. The site will be located in Desert Hot Springs, CA and is to feature luxury camping, entertainment facilities and an onsite marijuana growing and processing plant.

While the line-up of acts has yet to be announced, tickets are on sale now at the festival's official website.

H/T: The Press-Enterprise


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