The Best Of Mike Myers In 'Wayne's Power Minute'

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the metalhead movie 'Wayne's World', featuring Mike Myers as community-access-cable star Wayne Campbell and Dana Carvey as his sidekick on the couch in Wayne's parents' basement. But the character Wayne Campbell is actually much older than the movie as well as the series of Saturday Night Live sketches that it was based on.

Mike Myers first played Wayne Campbell in a recurring sketch called "Wayne's Power Minute" on the Canadian TV show 'It's Only Rock & Roll' -- hosted by Ted Woloshyn. So this is Wayne without Garth, but the comedy is still fantastic (even if his wig is bogus). So in honor of the character's 30th anniversary, here is the best of Mike Myers in "Wayne's Power Minute."

Wayne's History Of Bad Metal Grammar

Myers added layers to Wayne Campbell by having the metalhead stereotype make an intelligent point now and then. Like his report on "bad English in heavy metal," in which Campbell critiques his favorite band's use of grammar and spelling.

"Okay, let's go to Led Zeppelin -- Zep. There's [supposed to be] an 'a' in 'lead.' Unless they were thinking 'led zeppelin' as in 'coerced zeppelin.'" 

Mike Myers: Wayne's Power Minute

The Air Orchestra

In one segment, Myers addressed a question that had troubled music fans for years. "You got air guitarists, right? Well how come you don't have air drums, or air synthesizers, or air roadies, or air managers or air record company executives?"

'Wayne's Encyclopedia Metallica'

As the popularity of Wayne Campbell grew, his spot on "It's Only Rock & Roll" became longer. In one episode, he promoted his fake book -- 'Wayne's Encyclopedia Metallica,' which breaks down the culture and lifestyle of metal culture. Including the types of metal and the sorts of cars, foods and sports that metalheads like.

"How about literature?" the CBC host asked. "Shakespeare?"

"Okay, Shakespeare's tapped the collective unconscious -- there's no two ways about it," Myers said in character. "But let's face it: the man can't wail." 

Apparently Wayne hasn't read Titus Andronicus.

Wayne's Encyclopedia

The Masonic Handshake

On top of metal, Wayne Campbell was a connoisseur of handshakes. And he even showed off the fabled Masonic handshake once on the show. "I didn't know a human hand could do that!" Wayne's guest exclaimed.

A Metal Christmas

Wayne even got a Christmas special in which he wore mistletoe atop his baseball cap. Woloshyn was so surprised to see Wayne in the Christmas spirit that he had to ask if the holiday was in keeping with the metal lifestyle. I find it difficult to believe that you could really get into Christmas because you're a heavy metal guy and there's nothing metallic about Christmas, is there?"

"You've never been more wrong, my friend," Myers said. So what's so metal about Christmas? "Tinsel, aluminum trees," Wayne said. "You could have a double-neck tree" like a double-neck guitar.

Unfortunately, no one has manufactured those yet. That means the patent's still up for grabs if you're interested. 

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