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Mike Love: The Beach Boy the fans hated

Mike Love was one of the founders of sixties rock band, The Beach Boys, who were huge figures in rock history. Reviled by fans for years, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine he took the opportunity to give his side of the story. There are several reasons why the fans began to hate him, and here are a few with his response to each.

Bad Vibrations during Pet Sounds recording

Love was accused of not being a fan of the experimental album, "Pet Sounds", which was named as the second-best album of all time. In reality, Love says, they never had any argument with bandleader, Brian Wilson, and the entire band worked hard on the album to make it such a roaring success.

Frown on Smile by Love for new album

The follow up album to Pet Sounds was meant to be the next step in their experimental music, but Love was blamed for his negative reaction being the cause of Wilson shelving the album for several decades. However, Love denied that he ever got in the way of the album's production, although he did voice his opinion on some of the lyrics. He also said that Wilson was so full of drugs during the recording sessions, that he may have been a little paranoid.

Bad blood at the Hall of Fame

During the band's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame in 1988, Love made one of his worst speeches ever, hitting out at other musical talents of their generation. When asked about this, Love admitted his mistake, and regretted not being able to meditate before the event.

In addition, when faced with accusations of greed after suing for rights to some of the band's work, he told how he wrote many lyrics for several of their biggest hits, but was never included in the credits, resulting in no future royalties. "My only recourse was legal. But if I stick up for myself, Mike's an asshole," he said.

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