Why Marijuana Advocates Think Next Month's Midterms Are the Turning Point

The midterm elections are next month as the Democrats attempt to retake Congress to slow down the Trump administration's agenda. But it could also be a major turning point for marijuana legalization in the United States as well.

Many believe next month's midterm elections could create huge momentum for marijuana legalization in the United States. Four states will have marijuana initiatives on the ballot, including two that would legalize recreational marijuana. On top of that, several high ranking Democrats have said their party will begin pushing cannabis reform bills if they retake the majority in Congress.

Three of the states with marijuana initiatives next month (North Dakota, Missouri and Utah) are traditionally fairly conservative states that vote Republican. If marijuana legalization ballots can succeed in those states, then that would indicate that cannabis is a winning issue even among conservative voters. That would put pressure on Republicans to embrace legalization.

On top of that, Vermont and Maine are expected to finally implement recreational marijuana sales at some point in 2019, and both New Jersey and New York seem likely to legalize recreational cannabis at some point next year as well.

Basically, the slow trickle of states legalizing marijuana one-by-one is now turning into a landslide where constantly a new state is either legalizing medical or recreational cannabis. A huge midterm for marijuana could finally be the spark that leads to federal action.

(h/t NBC News)


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