New Rock Doc Sheds Light On The Man Who Defined David Bowie's Sound In The Early 70s

The man who defined David Bowie's sound in the early 70s is finally getting a sliver of the spotlight in a new rock documentary. 'Beside Bowie' takes an in-depth look at the late British guitarist Mick Ronson, who recorded and toured with Bowie from 1970-1973 - the seminal phase in the singer's career that saw him go from folk pastiche to glam rock pioneer.

But he might not have skyrocketed to fame if Ronson hadn't chipped in the snarling guitar licks on tracks like 'Queen Bitch,' 'Suffragette City,' 'Rebel Rebel' and other tunes that defined the Ziggy Stardust era. But he also had a softer side that shone through the string arrangements in hits like 'Life on Mars?' - one of Bowie's best ballads.

The documentary also details Ronson's career after leaving the Spiders from Mars, including laying down guitar tracks on Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day,' touring with Bob Dylan and arranging 'Jack and Diane' with John Mellencamp. On top of that, the film features exclusive voiceovers from Bowie, who recorded some reflections on his longtime collaborator for the doc before joining Ronson in the big gig in the sky just over a year ago.

'Beside Bowie' premieres this weekend in select theaters across the country.


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