How Michigan Will Handle Workers' Using Marijuana (If Michigan Legalizes Marijuana)

Next month voters in Michigan will decide whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana. But if the bill passes, will people be protected from workplace punishments for using cannabis? Probably not.

The recreational marijuana ballot initiative in Michigan does not contain protections for workers who use marijuana. That means that employers will still be allowed to drug test employees for marijuana and punish them however they see fit.

On top of that, Michigan is also an "at-will" employment state, which means that companies can terminate workers without needing to establish just cause. So that means your employer could also fire you in Michigan if you refuse to take a drug test or anything else that may suggest you use cannabis.

It also appears that many of the state's top employers will not be changing their policies. Car manufacturer Ford says they will not alter their current marijuana testing policies, and DTE Energy, Detroit's main energy provider, says they will continue testing for marijuana as well.

The only way Michigan workers will be protected to use marijuana would be if state legislators pass a separate bill doing so. But considering other states that have legalized cannabis have not taken this step, it's probably unlikely that Michigan will become trendsetters on the issue.

So in short, even if Michigan legalizes marijuana, you may not be able to use it if you live there.

(h/t WXYZ)


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