Michigan Shuts Down 40 Medical Marijuana Businesses

Medical marijuana patients in the state of Michigan are about to face a much more difficult task finding their medication after a recent move by their government.

Michigan has shut down 40 medical marijuana dispensaries operating within the state, and they say hundreds more will receive cease and desist letters in the coming days to do so as well. 

Michigan voters legalized medical marijuana back in 2008, but the state government believed they weren't receiving enough money from the industry. So in 2016, they passed new laws to regulate and tax the medical cannabis industry. Businesses were told to apply for new applications that were due last December. Medical marijuana dispensaries that were already in operation were told to apply for emergency status with a deadline last month.

The businesses being shut down either did not apply for the emergency status or did not get their application approved.

It's pretty ridiculous that the state would force businesses to shut down after following the laws for nearly 10 years. The state couldn't simply have existing businesses begin following the new regulations? Why do they need to go through an entirely new application process?

Of course, all of this could be moot come November when Michigan voters will be able to vote on a ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana.

(h/t Detroit Free Press)


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