Michigan Officially Puts Recreational Marijuana Legalization on November Ballot

Michigan has become the latest state to enter the recreational marijuana legalization battle, and as of yesterday it's officially on.

The state of Michigan officially approved a recreational marijuana ballot initiative for this November. The state previously certified that a petition for the initiative passed all the needed requirements to get on the ballot, and they gave the Michigan legislature 40 days to either legalize marijuana or allow the petition to go on the ballot. The legislature did not pass any cannabis legalization bills, so now it will be left in the hands of voters.

For weeks Michigan Republicans debated whether or not to legalize marijuana themselves through legislation rather than leave it up to the voters. Since most people who support legalization are more liberal or progressive, Republicans believed that having the issue on the ballot in November would mean more Democratic voters would go to the polls and therefore put their re-election chances at risk. Republicans in the Michigan Senate believed they had enough votes to pass a legalization bill, but House Republicans believed they did not. So now they'll see if their fears were actually warranted this November.

The ballot initiative would allow anyone 21 or old to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis outside their home as well as 12 plants in their residence. The bill would also institute a 10 percent tax on marijuana purchases at dispensaries.

Most polls show around 60 percent of Michigan voters support the initiative, so there's a pretty good chance it will be approved this November.

(h/t CBS Detroit)


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