Here's the Video of Michael Phelps 'Racing a Shark'

When the Discovery Channel announced the U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps would be racing a Great White Shark as part of their famous "Shark Week," most people thought something along the lines of, "How the heck are they going to do that?" Was the shark going to be forced into a caged-in lane? Was Phelps going to actually risk his life against a shark? And how the heck would the shark even know it was in a race?

Well the Discovery Channel avoided all those questions by not having Michael Phelps race a shark. Well, at least not a real shark. Instead the channel had Phelps swim 100 meters and then digitally added in a shark next to Phelps during the race. The Discovery Channel used computer simulations to determine the speed of the Great White during the race.

Discovery Channel viewers expressed great outrage about the "race," as they rightly should've. We've seen prominent track athletes race REAL animals, including anything from horses, zebras to even cheetahs. But Discovery Channel really couldn't figure out a single way to actually have Michael Phelps race a shark? Not even the mechanical shark used in Jaws?

And now we'll never actually know whether or not Phelps could out-swim a shark. How will we be able to sleep at night without knowing the answer to this question?


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